Welcome to my Website. I’m passionate about 3 things (apart from my partner and my family!) and they are painting, photography and travel. Rather fortunately, in my world these days, they all go beautifully together.  I love the feeling of waking up in a new place and wandering the streets, camera in hand, to capture anything unique and new to me. Whether I photograph them purely for photography’s sake, or use later in sketches or paintings, I never know at the time, but these photos are a constant source of inspiration and reference to me wherever I am.  Through the paintings created from these photos, I hope you can share a little taste of my travels, and my love of the outdoors and the coastline, whether it be in Australia and New Zealand, or Europe. 

Throughout 2016 though, I went off in a totally different direction, and discovered my passion for painting the ocean, the waves, and all the wonderful patterns and movement that the ocean creates. Most of these recent paintings are based on the Australian coastline, particularly Sydney’s Northern Beaches and are painted from the amazing photographs taken by my eldest son, James.

My OCEAN RHYTHMS Exhibition at the lovely Bella Vista Cafe at North Head, Manly has just finished. If you’d like to see the paintings in this Exhibition, please click this link OCEAN RHYTHMS GALLERY

I now have a new Exhibition hanging at the Bella Vista. Please click on the image below to take you to my REFLECTIONS OF EUROPE Exhibition Gallery.

In 2018, I’m looking forward to exploring new and more abstract ways of working with my European paintings, as well as adding to my Australian wave series.