Welcome to my Art Gallery which contains many years of hard, but enjoyable, work!  My paintings are divided into a number of galleries relating to countries or subjects I’ve painted and I hope you enjoy browsing through them.  Click this link to take you to my Galleries, which are now combined with the Storefront

Click on the image below, if you would like to view my current Exhibitions, OCEAN RHYTHMS

Art Weekly

Each week (or thereabouts) I complete a small painting which is for sale and is emailed out to my mailing list.  These paintings are also posted onto my BLOG page, with a short tale about how they came to be. Click this link to take you to my Art Weekly Gallery and Storefront.

My most recent ART WEEKLY painting can be seen by clicking below


If you have any questions or would prefer to deal with me directly, please don’t hesitate to EMAIL ME.