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Art Weekly No 133 – Reflets de France

For Sale – 10th December 2013 – SOLD

This title is actually a well known food brand here, but I do think it also suits this painting as, to me, it is one of the rather memorable ‘reflections of France’.  These long straight roads lined with plane trees are such a wonderful sight at all times of the year, but there is something quite stunning about them in winter when they’re almost bare and their trunks glimmer almost white in the sunshine. We have been getting plenty of sunshine here in the Languedoc, but that also comes with COLD. When I got inside following my early morning trot down to the boulangerie recently, Peter was pleased to point out that was minus 5oC! I suspect it might almost be warmer in the UK (and that’s saying something!) where we’re heading off towards tomorrow, with a few days exploring Normandy along the way.

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Reflets de France
Price: AUD$ SOLD
Size: 15 x 21cm
(Postage and handling included)

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