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Acrylic Painting – April Class 1

Back into Gill’s studio for another exciting four weeks of Acrylic Painting for 6 keen artists. We have a nice mixture of beginners and more experienced students in this group. Being the first class, there’s always a lot of revving up, and instruction from me, and after some ‘exploring’ of the primary colours in the palettes, everyone was painting furiously.  By the end of the morning the whole group had made an incredible start on their first paintings.

As you can see below, the class finished with everyone at a different stage of their ‘ink work’. The ink, applied with a stick, has allowed them to redraw, redefine, move objects, and add texture to their paintings. Some will go straight into thicker paint immediately next week (after revising their darks of course!) others will continue inking for a little longer…..





The two below are just about to start on the inkIngrid


A huge effort from everyone. I look forward to our continuing journey next Tuesday!

For info on future art courses including sketching, monoprint, collage and painting, contact:  Gill’s website:

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