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Acrylic Painting – May Class 3

The 3 painters were very close to finishing their paintings when they started this morning. This can sometimes be a rather drawn out process, with lots and lots of tweaking. Its amazing how, when you put a tiny bit of colour on just one area of the painting, it can impact other areas, and sometimes this can go on and on, but that’s very normal. Ask any artist?!

By the end of the morning though, we had two completed and one ‘not sure if it’s finished’ paintings – beautiful work by all three. We also had some very promising beginnings of 3 new works, all working against the clock to get as much done before our last day next Monday.

Annette-Wk3 Janet-Wk3 Val-Wk3

Then there were some great starts on 3 new underpaintings.

Val-Wk3-2 Annette-Wk3-2 Janet-Wk3-2

Many thanks everyone for changing the day for me so I could meet my Sydney friends on the cruise ship!

For info on future art courses including sketching, monoprint, collage and painting, contact:  Gill’s website:

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