Beginners Acrylics – Week 2

There was a flurry of activity as the 3 beginners, and today, 2 more experienced artists, got to work on their paintings.  Everyone is at various stages of the process, so we saw lots of interesting ink work, and people getting to grips with layers of more opaque paint. This stage always feels rather drawn out, but it won’t be long before the lighter layers will be added, perhaps a little more ink might be needed in some cases, and the paintings will come to life again.

BWk2-Annette BWk2-Jenny BWk2-MarionBWk2-Jan

This lovely delicate painting below was completed by an artist from the previous Continuation Class.
















Another week of successful painting, and everyone is most definitely heading in the right direction, despite what they may think! Well done everyone. I look forward to next week’s effort.

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