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A Painting A Week No 122 – Shutters, Pont de Vecchio

Shuttered, Pont de Vecchio

For Sale – 26th February 2013 –

I finished this painting just before we left Koroni, and the photo was taken on a visit to Florence during our last spring trip to Italy.  I always seem to spend ages in the attempt to get good photos of the Pont de Vecchio – there’s something about the angles that I just can’t seem to capture, though I do have some photos with good reflections!  Until I do manage to crack it, here’s my interpretation of its wonderful wonky shutters.

I do often wonder whether all those hoards of people peering into the jewelers’ shops on the bridge ever spend time actually looking at the character of this lovely bridge.

These photos show 2 different sections of the bridge. It was evidently built in medieval times, and is unique in that it still has shops enclosed inside.

And whilst I’m on the subject of the Pont de Vecchio, my father was in Florence with the NZ Military at the end of World War II, and took this photo. Its amazing that the bridge itself wasn’t destroyed. This was supposedly due to an express order by Hitler!

As you can see from this photo, the approach to Pont de Vecchio was destroyed.  A little bit of history with this week’s painting!

If you would like to buy this painting, please click on this link to my Art Weekly Online Shop, or if you’d rather deal with me direct, please email me at

Shutters, Pont de Vecchio
Price:  AUD$90.00
Size:  21cm x 15cm
(Postage and packing included)

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