A Painting A Week No 124 – Mission Beach Palms


For Sale – 7th May 2013

My first painting of swaying palm trees. There’s something about the leaning trunks and haphazard fronds that made it a pleasure to paint.  These palms were at Mission Beach, Queensland, where we spent the night on our way from Port Douglas to Townsville. Its a lovely drive through lush tropical areas of sugar cane with a sense of umm, I think perhaps….timelessness!  Unfortunately, Mission Beach was hit hard in last year’s Cyclone Yasi, but seems to be recovering slowly. It has a lovely unspoilt feel to it, and although it was getting a bit late in the season, we managed a wonderful ‘real’ Aussie hamburger for dinner, complete with beetroot (much to Peter’s dismay!)

If you would like to buy this painting, please click on this link to my Art Weekly Online Shop, or if you’d rather deal with me direct, please email me at jackie@jackiesherwood.com.

Mission Beach Palms
Price:  AUD$90.00
Size: 21 x 15cm
(Postage and handling included)

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