Art Weekly 161 – The Strand, Townsville


28th July 2015 –

Back in Koroni again now after a month away up north. Its very hot and always hard to get into painting at this time of the year, but I only have August before we take off again, so am being tough on myself!

When we were in Australia a couple of years ago, we spent a great week exploring a little of Queensland – the first time I’d ever been north of Noosa!  We spent a few days in Townsville and our hotel was directly across the road from beach. This bright blue lifesaver’s hut appealed to me, sitting amongst the palm trees. Admittedly, It did seem a little bigger than others I’d seen, but when you think of all the extra gear they need for protection from the box jelly fish, I guess its not surprising!

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The Strand, Townsville
Price: AUD$ 90.00
Size: 15 x 21cm
(Postage and handling included)

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