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Beginners Acrylics – Week 2

There was a flurry of activity as the 3 beginners, and today, 2 more experienced artists, got to work on their paintings.  Everyone is at various stages of the process, so we saw lots of interesting ink work, and people getting to grips with layers of more opaque paint. This stage always feels rather drawn out, but it won’t be long before the lighter layers will be added, perhaps a little more ink might be needed in some cases, and the paintings will come to life again.

BWk2-Annette BWk2-Jenny BWk2-MarionBWk2-Jan

This lovely delicate painting below was completed by an artist from the previous Continuation Class.
















Another week of successful painting, and everyone is most definitely heading in the right direction, despite what they may think! Well done everyone. I look forward to next week’s effort.

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Beginners Acrylics – Week 1

The start of a whole new experience for three new painters, plus some ongoing tuition for another who had done the course before.

We started the morning with lots of instruction, some mixing of colours, and demonstrations, then it was onto the paintings.  Considering the beginners had done no painting before, they did incredibly well, with most of them being halfway through their first painting and onto the ‘ink’ phase.  We’ll see how these look after the next class – you’ll be surprised!BWk1-JennyBWk1-Annette BWk1-Marjon BWk1-JanFor more information about Gill’s courses,

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Continuation Acrylics – Week 4

My apologies for being so late in posting this blog. The last week of classes for these hard working students. Unfortunately due to travel and illness, we had only 3.

A pity we ran out of time but this one is not far from being finished – it just needs some layers of lighter paint, et voila!


This little Greek door is finished now, along with a very nice comparison painting done at home.


Another one started just today, with the ink stage just completed. Now onto some more opaque and lighter paint. So far this has been painted upside down – a great way to get the brain to simply see shapes and colours.


Many thanks to those in this Continuation Acrylics Class.  Everyone has done extraordinarily well. Keep those paintings coming.

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Continuation Acrylics – Week 3

Despite the disgusting weather, everyone arrived bright and cheerful, and keen to get into the painting. After a ‘show and tell’ of some brilliant work done in the week, it was once again heads down and brushes moving.

This week two were finished off brilliantly. Apologies if the colours aren’t quite doing them justice ladies!



























Getting very close to completion – my apologies this is out of focus though.












These two below are moving along quickly, and not too far off coming together.

CWk3-Suzanne CWK3-Penny





























A liberal dose of ink is waiting next week for this nice Greek wall.
















The owner of the lovely boat above has started the early stages of inking in this one as well.
















Once again brilliant work everyone – its wonderful to see these paintings coming together so quickly.

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Continuation Acrylics – Week 2

Another industrious class today, despite missing last week.  As you can see, great progress was made during the class, with some paintings finished …….CWK2-Suzanne



































some very nearly finished




















and some having just a little more ink, and almost there as well.











A huge amount of work over in just two weeks.  I look forward to seeing what’s coming next!

I’ve decided to add the images separately, unlike the previous blog, which just didn’t do them justice.  I hope all the artists can see just how great all the paintings look, even partially done, when viewed ‘from afar’!

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2014 Continuation Acrylic Painting

My 2014 Continuation Acrylics classes are now underway in Gill’s lovely studio. Six keen artists arrived to continue the challenge and after a quick reminder about the technique, they forged ahead brilliantly and by the end of the morning had achieved some great under-paintings.

Everyone finished the class well into the ‘ink on a stick phase‘, and next week will see them launching themselves into more opaque paint in mid and light tones. If this all sounds rather hectic, it was, and most surely a very busy morning!

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