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Whispers in the Olive Grove

These three 30 x 30cm paintings on deep canvas were a slightly new and more subdued direction for me. Here in Koroni, which is just beyond the Kalamata valley, we live surrounded by olive groves. The colours and light in these groves change constantly and are particularly beautiful with a light breeze ruffling the leaves, giving you glimpses of various muted colours, sometimes even purples!

Click HERE to view details of these paintings.

Click HERE,  HERE and HERE to view details of these paintings.

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Art Weekly 150 – Spring Olive Grove, Greece

AW-150_SpringOliveGrove-23rd September 2014 –

Its such a pity that most visitors come to Greece in the summer and miss out on the wild flowers during the spring months.  Its a beautiful season, particularly in this area, as all the olive groves seem to burst into bloom with varying coloured carpets of flowers, changing as spring goes on. One day you might see pink or white carpets nestled under the trees, then a couple of weeks later everything will have changed to a brilliant yellow and then onto mauve. Of course, this is also when the poppies start to appear, but in all honestly I can’t really say they form carpets under the trees!  They do often appear in clumps in and around the olive groves though, sometimes accompanied with the beautiful vibrant blue wild irises.

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Spring Olive Grove, Greece
Price:  AUD$90.00
Size: 21 x 15cm
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