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It’s Different in Winter

I loved working on this painting as we spend the first full winter in Greece for many years. Lockdown has kept us close to home, but how lucky are we to have a gorgeous long beach right on the doorstep. I’ve wandered along it in many weathers, and the ocean is often ominous and crashing. This painting though, portrays it somewhere in between that and the usual glorious calm blue it usually is during summer.

Click HERE  to view details of this painting.

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Morning Calm, Koroni

Photos taken in the mornings of the lovely harbour in Koroni usually capture the beautifully calm waters of the bay, stretching across to the Mani Peninsula in the distance.  It’s not necessarily so calm later in the day!

Details of this painting can be found in Gallery – Greece.

Details of this painting can also be found in Gallery – Oceans.

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Snapshot of Koroni

June 2018

This painting is portraying, in simple form, the small Greek town in the Peloponnese, where I currently spend a good deal of each year.  Koroni, like a lot of small coastal towns in Greece, has a lovely buzzing harbour, with whitewashed buildings spilling down from the surrounding hills.

The painting is in acrylic, and in a new technique for me, as I explore different ways of capturing more abstract landscapes.

Details of this painting can be found in Gallery – Greece.

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Summer Grasses, Greece

When I’m driving in summer between the local villages here in the Peloponnese, I’m always fascinated by the shades of the long dried grasses along the edge of the roads.

This is a mixed media painting, using gesso and other techniques to add to the texture and depth.

Details of this painting can be found in Gallery – Greece.


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Art Weekly No 172 – Blue Chairs, Koroni

Blue Chair21st September 2016

As I mentioned in my recent Newsletter, I will be including some paintings from my #100 Painting Challenge in my Art Weekly mailouts. These paintings are a little smaller than A5, and done in various mediums – if you follow my Jackie Sherwood Artist page in Facebook, or Instagram, you may have seen them when they were originally posted.

I love these blue wooden chairs which seem to be scattered all over Greece! I took this photo when we first arrived in Koroni, and have often sketched and painted them. Unfortunately (for me) now, the building behind has been repaired and painted, very smartly, in a bright mustard colour. It just somehow just doesn’t have the appeal any more!

If you would like to buy this painting, please click on this link to my Art Weekly Online Shop, or if you’d rather deal with me direct, please email me at

Blue Chairs, Koroni
Price: AUD$ 75.00
Size: 17 x 13cm
(Postage and handling included)




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Art Weekly 151 – Three Figs

AW-151-ThreeFigs21st October 2014 –

The Greek summer is behind us now, and all the figs have finished. This year seemed to have produced a bumper crop, and I’ve had my full share of figs of all shapes and sizes. My favourites are the yellowish ones (honey figs?) which seem to appear earlish, but for a short season initially. Then for the next 3 months, there’s an abundance of various purple varieties, and again more yellow ones – they just seem to go on forever!  I even managed to grow about a dozen myself, in a pot on the balcony!

If  you would like to buy this painting, please click on this link to my Art Weekly Online Shop, or if you’d rather deal with me direct, please email me at

Three Figs
Price:  AUD$90.00
Size: 21 x 15cm
(Postage and handling included)

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Koroni Harbour, Greece

Koroni-Harbour,-Greece Details of this painting can be found in Gallery – Greece.

This lovely Greek fishing boat is one of many seen bobbing about in Koroni harbour. They are owned by local fishermen and head off each day for their catch, which is mostly sold to the local restaurants.  Koroni, in the background, is a small town of whitewashed houses tumbling down the hillside towards the harbour. A perfect setting for an artist to live!

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Villa Koch, Kalamaki, Greece – May 2014


I was invited to take part in an Art Exhibition at the lovely Villa Koch with several other local artists of various nationalities.

It was a full-on weekend of art, music, food and wine and a wonderful experience to be amongst such a varied group of great artists.



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Acrylic Painting – May Class 3

The 3 painters were very close to finishing their paintings when they started this morning. This can sometimes be a rather drawn out process, with lots and lots of tweaking. Its amazing how, when you put a tiny bit of colour on just one area of the painting, it can impact other areas, and sometimes this can go on and on, but that’s very normal. Ask any artist?!

By the end of the morning though, we had two completed and one ‘not sure if it’s finished’ paintings – beautiful work by all three. We also had some very promising beginnings of 3 new works, all working against the clock to get as much done before our last day next Monday.

Annette-Wk3 Janet-Wk3 Val-Wk3

Then there were some great starts on 3 new underpaintings.

Val-Wk3-2 Annette-Wk3-2 Janet-Wk3-2

Many thanks everyone for changing the day for me so I could meet my Sydney friends on the cruise ship!

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