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Art Weekly No 142 – April Poppies

AW-142_AprilPoppies30th April 2014 –

It’s springtime here in Europe, and the poppies are everywhere again. In France, where I first fell in love with them, they’re memorable in large swathes (that word must have been invented just for poppies!) in open fields, but here in Greece they pop up everywhere. They seem to particularly like growing along the side of the roads, often mingling with the vibrant yellow daisies (remember, I do live in a rather rural area – can’t see this happening in Sydney!). They’re also found scattered around the villages, tucked in between old buildings, or against lovely crumbling stone walls. The poppies here too, do seem to be larger and a much richer red than the ones I remember from France.

I went sketching today with Gill’s On Location gang, to a lovely village up in the hills, and there they were, a whole wall full of poppies, just waiting for me.  I couldn’t resist a quick sketch!


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April Poppies
Price:  AUD$90.00
Size: 21 x 15cm
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Poppies at the Chateau


Details of this painting can be found in Gallery – French Life.

I photographed these poppies whilst staying at Chateau Mouillepied in the Charente area of France way back in 2005. Although it was a rather modest chateau, they had the most beautiful gardens, and when I arrived I had to seek out Monsieur who was merrily digging away amongst the bushes. I knew one day I’d finally get around to painting these poppies.