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Art Weekly 160 – Paulette, Cotignac, Provence

1st July 2015 –

A few years ago when I was tootling around France on my own, I spent a couple of nights in Cotignac, a lovely little town in the Var region of Provence. I’d remembered staying there way back in the 1970’s and was passing through the area, so I thought I’d take another look. Cotignac is very typical of the small towns and villages in the area, with lovely shady trees and a fountain in ‘la place’   – so very cool and relaxing on a hot summers day.

There were two beautiful little shops in the town with wonderful dilapidated faded facades, one of which was ‘Paulette’, and the other right next door, ‘Drougerie’. I’ve had the photos of them waiting patiently to be painted for a few years now, so here’s the first one!  Oh, did I mention that old faded shopfronts are another of my passions!

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Paulette, Cotignac
Price: AUD$ 90.00
Size: 15 x 21cm
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