About Jackie

My life has taken a dramatic turn over the past few years, since I first ventured off to France in 2003 where I spent three wintery months painting and socialising in the Lot District, in South Western France. This was followed by further visits to the Lot (which had become my second home) and other parts of France where I explored, painted and photographed, until in early 2008 I moved to the Languedoc region of Southern France, where my new partner, and now hubby, Peter, and I spent almost three years.

Then we decided to move our base to Greece, and I am now ‘straddling’ three countries; Greece, France and Australia. In some ways I’m still living what some people have called my ‘French Dream’, in that I’m able to visit France on a regular basis, and will continue painting its beautiful villages and countryside, but I’m now doing this whilst looking over the beautiful brilliant blue skies and waters surrounding the Peloponnese in Greece. What more could one want?!

I’ll continue to share with you in this website, my paintings and sketches from Greece, France and Italy as they’re completed, and also from Australia and New Zealand.

JS_lineBelow is my Artist’s Statement

about-JSJackie is originally from New Zealand and has spent most of her adult life in Sydney and London. Her works have been sold both through galleries and privately in Australia, Europe, Canada, USA and New Zealand.

She developed her love of painting under the mentoring of well known Sydney artist, Sarah Aylward, and is now dedicating more time to painting whilst living in Europe.

Jackie enjoys painting in a wide range of mediums – from her earlier paintings in watercolour, ink and pastel, to her more recent work in acrylic, concentrating on colour and texture and often incorporating ink, charcoal and collage.

She is also a dedicated photographer, and is enjoying experimenting with the use of her many photographs in her paintings.

Jackie has been travelled between Sydney and France from 2003 spending three years based in the Languedoc region of France. She now spends many months in Greece where she continues to work to capture the atmosphere of the changing European landscape, the seasons, and the villages and houses.

Jackie also spends 2-3 months in Sydney each year or so, when she adds to her collection there, and exhibits her latest works. She also from time to time has exhibitions in Greece and France.