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Across the Bay

This painting is my representation of one of the many bays or estauries in the Nelson area, looking from Richmond towards Nelson and the Richmond Ranges. I’m fascinated with the  tidal patterns – it doesn’t matter what time of the day I’m there, it’s always different. I often spend time sitting at the water’s edge, sketching and roughly painting and immersing myself in the patterns of the water and sand. This painting is a little more realistic than my other ‘estaury’ paintings, but part of the series anyway!

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Estuary Magic 1 & 2

Now that I’m living in New Zealand, I have a whole world of different inspiration to paint.  My initial fascination has been the local estauries and their tidal patterns. Having spent 15 years in the Mediterranean, the tidal movement of the oceans in the Tasman region are a fascination and total mystery to me. Each moment I spend sitting at the edge of the bay opens up a whole new watery landscape to sketch, and paint and lose myself in. These two paintings are the first in a series based on these estauries.

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What’s Hidden Beneath is Magic – SOLD

SOLD – I loved working on this painting as we spend the first full winter in Greece for many years. Lockdown has kept us close to home, but how lucky are we to have a gorgeous long beach right on the doorstep. I’ve wandered along it in many weathers, and the ocean is often ominous and crashing. This painting though, portrays it somewhere in between that and the usual glorious calm blue it usually is during summer.

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Hidden Depths #1 and #2 – SOLD

BOTH SOLD – Hot off the press! These two 40 x 40cm boards were a deliberate change in colour palette and can be purchased as a diptych, although they are perfect just on their own! In this series, I’m delving into marks and shapes of what I imagine are under these vast oceans around us. The Mediterranean, which is right at my door, is probably a little more deceptive than the surf beaches of New Zealand and Australia which continuously churn up various types and shades of seaweeds, but nevertheless, there must still be some interesting stuff in it’s Hidden Depths!

Click HERE  and HERE to view details of these paintings.