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Estuary Magic 1 & 2

Now that I’m living in New Zealand, I have a whole world of different inspiration to paint.  My initial fascination has been the local estauries and their tidal patterns. Having spent 15 years in the Mediterranean, the tidal movement of the oceans in the Tasman region are a fascination and total mystery to me. Each moment I spend sitting at the edge of the bay opens up a whole new watery landscape to sketch, and paint and lose myself in. These two paintings are the first in a series based on these estauries.

Click HERE  and HERE to view details of these paintings.

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Hidden Depths #1 and #2 – SOLD

BOTH SOLD – Hot off the press! These two 40 x 40cm boards were a deliberate change in colour palette and can be purchased as a diptych, although they are perfect just on their own! In this series, I’m delving into marks and shapes of what I imagine are under these vast oceans around us. The Mediterranean, which is right at my door, is probably a little more deceptive than the surf beaches of New Zealand and Australia which continuously churn up various types and shades of seaweeds, but nevertheless, there must still be some interesting stuff in it’s Hidden Depths!

Click HERE  and HERE to view details of these paintings.

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Snapshot of Koroni

June 2018

This painting is portraying, in simple form, the small Greek town in the Peloponnese, where I currently spend a good deal of each year.  Koroni, like a lot of small coastal towns in Greece, has a lovely buzzing harbour, with whitewashed buildings spilling down from the surrounding hills.

The painting is in acrylic, and in a new technique for me, as I explore different ways of capturing more abstract landscapes.

Details of this painting can be found in Gallery – Greece.

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Mother Ocean, Curl Curl, Sydney – February 2017

This was a thoroughly enjoyable exhibition, firstly because it was combined with my eldest son, James’ wonderful photography, and secondly because my paintings were in a totally different direction from what I usually paint.  The Creative Space in Curl Curl, Sydney, is a large and beautifully presented exhibition space and we were able to use it not only to promote our paintings and photographs, but also to tell the story of the importance of saving our beautiful oceans and marine life.

For this exhibition, I had created a new series of paintings of Australian waves and abstract ocean patterns. This was a totally new direction for me – from the structural forms of European buildings (although usually wonky!) to the curves and exciting formation of waves and the ocean, not to mention a totally new colour palette.

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Northern Territory Coral #1


This painting forms part of my ‘Oceans’ series and the photograph of this coral was taken by James in the Northern Territory of Australia. It seemed a unusually dull coloured coral, and I tried to keep my usual love for bright colours under control.

Details of this painting can be found in Gallery – Oceans.