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Whispers in the Olive Grove

These three 30 x 30cm paintings on deep canvas were a slightly new and more subdued direction for me. Here in Koroni, which is just beyond the Kalamata valley, we live surrounded by olive groves. The colours and light in these groves change constantly and are particularly beautiful with a light breeze ruffling the leaves, giving you glimpses of various muted colours, sometimes even purples!

Click HERE to view details of these paintings.

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It’s Different in Winter

I loved working on this painting as we spend the first full winter in Greece for many years. Lockdown has kept us close to home, but how lucky are we to have a gorgeous long beach right on the doorstep. I’ve wandered along it in many weathers, and the ocean is often ominous and crashing. This painting though, portrays it somewhere in between that and the usual glorious calm blue it usually is during summer.

Click HERE  to view details of this painting.

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Thermal Beauty

When travelling recently in New Zealand, we visited the Wai-o-tapu (Maori for sacred waters) Geothermal area, just outside Rotorua. Within this was a geothermal pool called Artists Palette – well, what a perfect subject matter for abstract painting ideas! The colours were out of this world, and all created by the various gases bubbling in these pools.  I took just a small section of colour as my inspiration for this one, and it is just one of my paintings based on this wonderful area.

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Morning Calm, Koroni

Photos taken in the mornings of the lovely harbour in Koroni usually capture the beautifully calm waters of the bay, stretching across to the Mani Peninsula in the distance.  It’s not necessarily so calm later in the day!

Details of this painting can be found in Gallery – Greece.

Details of this painting can also be found in Gallery – Oceans.