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Across the Bay


This painting is my representation of one of the many bays or estauries in the Nelson area, looking from Richmond towards Nelson and the Richmond Ranges. I’m fascinated with the  tidal patterns – it doesn’t matter what time of the day I’m there, it’s always different. I often spend time sitting at the water’s edge, sketching and roughly painting and immersing myself in the patterns of the water and sand. This painting is a little more realistic than my other ‘estaury’ paintings, but part of the series anyway!

Click HERE  to view details of this painting

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Beneath the Sea

OC-03_Beneath the Sea

A painting based on another of my son, James’ photos.  It was taken at a popular surfing spot near Manly in Sydney, called Winki Pop!  I always used to enjoy standing on the cliff top above when the waves were huge, watching the surfers, and had never given any thought to what was underneath on a calm day!

Details of this painting can be found in Gallery – Oceans.