Latest News

In March 2023 we made the move to live in Nelson, New Zealand after many years in Greece. Over the next few months I’ll be substantially updating my website and changing the prices to NZ dollars. Galleries will show only those paintings which are immediately available, plus a lot of new (and exciting!) work, from both Europe and New Zealand. Other paintings will be temporarily removed, but shown in an ‘Available Soon’ Gallery. If you’re interested in any of these paintings, please contact me.
Many thanks for visiting my site. Cheers Jackie

Having lived and travelled in Europe for many years, the experience of the ever-changing landscape and seasons have constantly inspired me to paint. Visions from the diverse regions of France and Italy with their medieval hilltop villages and brightly coloured coastal towns, to the white-washed villages of Greece with its turquoise seas and bobbing fishing boats.

However, I now find myself starting a new chapter, and back in my home country, (albeit on the ‘other island’) at the far end of the world, with totally new landscapes and experiences awaiting. I look forward to sharing these with you, alongside my European inspired landscapes.