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Mother Ocean, Curl Curl, Sydney – February 2017

This was a thoroughly enjoyable exhibition, firstly because it was combined with my eldest son, James’ wonderful photography, and secondly because my paintings were in a totally different direction from what I usually paint.  The Creative Space in Curl Curl, Sydney, is a large and beautifully presented exhibition space and we were able to use it not only to promote our paintings and photographs, but also to tell the story of the importance of saving our beautiful oceans and marine life.

For this exhibition, I had created a new series of paintings of Australian waves and abstract ocean patterns. This was a totally new direction for me – from the structural forms of European buildings (although usually wonky!) to the curves and exciting formation of waves and the ocean, not to mention a totally new colour palette.

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Art Weekly 174 – The Next Wave, Curl Curl

aw-174-thenextwave_curlcurl6th December 2016 – SOLD

It sure has been a while since my last Art Weekly, and as those of you who follow me on Facebook and Instagram know, I’m up to my ears in “waves” right now.  It’s only a week before we hop on the plane to Sydney, and with an exhibition in February, I’ve plenty to get finished in that short time.

My Sydney exhibition, MOTHER OCEAN, is scheduled to open on 1st February at the Warringah Creative Space, 105 Abbott Street, North Curl Curl. The exhibition will show my paintings and eldest son, James’s fabulous photographs featuring, naturally enough, the ocean and its surrounds. James’ photos are the subject of most of my paintings, so it will be fascinating to see them both on the walls. I hope if you’re in the area, you can come along and say hello to us both, and see my temporary change of direction. I’m really loving painting the waves, but next year I do plan on returning to exploring more abstract European scenes as well.

In the meantime, this long overdue Art Weekly is just a small version of what I’ve been immersed in.

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If you would like to buy this painting, please click on this link to my Art Weekly Online Shop, or if you’d rather deal with me direct, please email me at

The Next Wave, Curl Curl – SOLD
Price: AUD$ 90.00
Size: 21 x 15cm
(Postage and handling included)