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Beginners Acrylics – Class 3

Another week and here we are again with our 3rd class for this group, plus a catch up student from the previous Continuation Class.  Everyone worked extremely hard again today, and are making great progress towards the completion of the paintings.

There is a lot of going back and forth from darks to lights during these end stages, but each step is a little closer to the end, and all these layers really do work together to give the painting lots of nice depth.

BWk3-JennyA lot of hard work was done on the composition of this one today and its most definitely getting closer to its completion.

BWk3-AnnetteThis is very nearly finished – just lightening up the background and redefining the plant.

















Lightening up lots of areas here, then maybe a little more ink to re-find some areas.

BWk3-JanReally coming together – not long now before completion

A new painting started, and looking good already!

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