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A Painting A Week No 120 – Koroni Rooftops, a Trip Down Under… and A Wedding!


For Sale – 4th February 2013 – SOLD

This painting has been done in a rather sketchy palette knife technique – a simplified version of one I did as a demonstration at some recent Acrylic Classes that I taught, in conjunction with my art buddy, Gill.  Here is a link to her website showing the most recent session, and you can also look back over the previous 3 weeks of Wednesday and Friday classes if you wish.

It was an honour to be able to guide these lovely people through the technique that I generally use, and I was impressed with the work they did over the 4 week course. Considering most of them hadn’t used acrylics before, and certainly not in this way, they turned out some beautiful paintings. We look forward to being able to continue in the spring.

This view from one of the pathways through the houses down to Koroni port, is one of many that I love, and I thought it appropriate to have it as this week’s painting as we leave tomorrow for the slow and rather involved trip back to Australia. Car willing, we drive to Patras, and take the overnight ferry to Bari in Italy (assuming they’re running – they’re a little few and far between during the winter months, and I believe they were all on strike this weekend!) We’ll spend a few days driving through Italy, and hope to arrive in the Languedoc during the weekend. We’ll have a few days around Pezenas to take care of a bit more French bureaucracy and then on Valentine’s Day, we both fly out of Paris, but in totally different directions; I go straight to Sydney, and Pete to Los Angeles for a couple of weeks with his Mum.

It will be busy visit to Sydney this time. No exhibition to worry about, but a wedding instead!  Yes, we’re tying the knot on 23rd March!  I’m sure there’ll be masses of rushing about getting organised, and of course, lots and lots of shopping and socialising.  We’re also going up to Northern Queensland for a week, to attend James’ graduation  from James Cook University, and we’re looking forward to exploring the areas around Cairns and Townsville during that time. In our usual topsy turvey way, we’re also turning it into an early honeymoon (which is just as well, because when we leave Australia, I fly off alone to spend 10 days in New Zealand!) I’m looking forward to trying my hand at painting some Australian beaches lined with swaying palms (and obviously the wedding too!)

Of course, I’m still hoping to post blogs and my weekly paintings as we travel about. I’m sure its just a matter of notching myself up a gear or three once we leave quiet peaceful Koroni….. we shall see!

I’m just adding a little note here – the ferries are still on strike and are not committing as to whether they’ll be running Wednesday, so we’ve launched ourselves into Plan B, which is to fly from Athens to Montpellier, via Paris, (where we’ll be leaving from a few days later) – it entails all sorts of complications, but hey, we’ll get there eventually!

If you would like to buy this painting, please click on this link to my  Art Weekly Online Shop, or if you’d rather deal with me direct, please email me at

Koroni Rooftops, Greece
Price: SOLD
Size: 21 x 15cm
(Postage and handling included)

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