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Back in Greece and Business is Resumed!

1st May 2013 –
Apologies for the huge gap in time since my last post. Its been a busy few months with travel to Australia and New Zealand, and to LA for Peter, and of course our wedding in Sydney. Why I always try and fool myself that I’ll be able to produce some weekly paintings whilst travelling, I don’t know.  Anyway, here we are now, just arrived back in Koroni and ready to settle into our quiet life here for another few months. Before I publish my next painting though, I’ll just write a short(ish) post about the last 3 months….. here goes……


As we tend to do, we flew via France to sort out visas etc.  Its always a bit of a shock to arrive there in winter and be reminded of the cold, but the Languedoc always looks beautiful, no matter what season.France2

Sydney was wonderful, and its usual bustling self, and I do love arriving there and feeling in charge again! I guess I can only put it down to the language barriers of living in places where I barely speak the language. Its mostly just being able to chat to people when we’re out and about that I miss most! It was looking particularly green this visit, despite some scorching days they’d had earlier in summer. The good ole Sydney rain was never too far away, but I must say for the whole month of March, it did itself justice, particularly for the important Wedding Day.


But before the wedding, and after kicking into organisation mode and a lot of rushing about (which its a relief to know I can still do!), we headed up to Northern Queensland to join my son James at his Graduation. It was a wonderful chance to see that part of Australia for the first time too.  It was all very beautiful and tropical, and yes, I am most definitely going to paint some palm trees soon.


The wedding went off beautifully. We had a lovely sunny day, though it was rather hot, and a little windy down next to the harbour, but we couldn’t have wished for anything more and being able to celebrate with lots of family and friends on the edge of one of the world’s most beautiful harbours. A day to remember for sure.


Pete and I had a week to get used to being married, before we headed off into different directions (typical of our doing things a little back to front!) Peter to Los Angeles, and me to New Zealand. where I had some total relaxation at ‘the farm’ with the sheep and pukekos (and sister and brother in-law too of course). I also managed two nights in Auckland with great friends and a nice catch up with others there.  Then after 10 days or so the bride and groom met up again in Montpellier, France for 5 days of more R&R (and another reminder of chilly weather) before flying into Athens……


Today, is the first day I’ve managed to get into some painting;  those palm trees are on their way!

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