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Art Weekly 152 – Menton Colours, France

Menton Colours, France

11th November 2014 – SOLD

Menton is one of my favourite places in France, It’s a bustling town on the Riveria and just across the border from Italy, which gives it a wonderful mixture of Italian and French. The buildings, particularly in the ‘Old Town’ have the wonderful coloured facades of Italy, and thankfully the coffee is generally more Italian-style as well!

In February each year, Menton holds la Fete du Citron (the Lemon Festival), the only place in Europe I’ve seen a 5 metre tall Kiwi made of lemons being parading proudly down the street!

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Menton Colours, France
Price:  AUD$90.00
Size: 21 x 15cm
(Postage and handling included)

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