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Art Weekly 166 – Sissi Reflections, Crete


20th January 2016 –

Its a cold wet winter’s day here in Greece, so its nice to add something a little more cheerful to remind myself what’s in store! We spent the night in Sissi a while back. Its a small town on the north coast of Crete and it had all the criteria for a great little Greek stop-over – lots of tavernas, bright blue water and reflections!

This painting is a little smaller than usual as it forms part of my #100 Painting Challenge in which I’m trying different techniques and mediums. This painting however, somehow managed to turn out in my ‘usual style’!

If you would like to buy this painting, please click on this link to my Art Weekly Online Shop, or if you’d rather deal with me direct, please email me at

Sissi Reflections, Crete
Price: AUD$ 90.00
Size: 17 x 13cm
(Postage and handling included)

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