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Art Weekly 167 – Annecy, France

4th February 2016

I’ve always loved seeing photos of Annecy in the Rhone-Alpes region of France, and we finally had a visit there in September. The architecture and scenery is so very different from what I’m used to in the South. The historic centre is jammed with cobbled lanes, tiny canals and pastel coloured houses, so my camera was clicking overtime! Our hotel was right in the midst of it all, so there was plenty of scope for exploring, and we were lucky to be there for market day for even more photos!

Annecy is also known for it’s beautiful lake which is reputed to be the cleanest in Europe due to strict environmental regulations imposed back in the 1960’s. Being in the Alps, there is plenty of snow in winter, but we were impressed to hear that they don’t even use salt on the roads, so that the lake is kept in it’s pristine condition.  Good news for us considering we bought ourselves a new car there!

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Annecy, France
Price: AUD$ 90.00
Size: 15 x 21cm
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