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Art Weekly No 132 – Le Marche, Aix en Provence

AW-132_LeMarche_AixenProvenFor Sale – 11th November 2013 –

As you might have gathered from my recent blog, we’re now in France, after a great saunter through Italy. My previous post gives you the highlights of that.

I’ve never managed to get to Aix en Provence, which is strange considering we lived within a 2 hour drive for 3 years. We’ve had a couple of attempts during our past French trips, but it never quite worked out, and once we even arrived there, but couldn’t find hotel.  This time we were determined to at least have a look at the place. We spent the night, and next morning managed to land right in the midst of the Saturday market – a real bonus for me, of course. I was becoming convinced that many of the French markets were abandoning the coloured umbrellas, and leaning more towards the practical white ones, often attached to the side of the ever more efficient vans.  But there they were, in all their glory – umbrellas in every colour, stretched through a large area of Aix.  It was a very crowded market, so taking photos proved a little tricky, and I have plenty of heads and elbows in some of my shots as proof, and although the overall impression was one of multi-colours, when narrowing it down for photos, I didn’t quite capture it as I would have liked, but ho hum….. it was still great. The mushroom stand was just amazing, as being autumn, the cepes were there in all their glory, giant ones this year too.

Anyway, this little painting is actually a watercolour, worked up in my rather heavy handed acrylic method of painting. The trick with watercolour I believe, is leaving lots of nice white paper – something I am still trying to achieve. This one depicts a tiny section of the flower market, but there will be more of these market scenes to follow. Have I said that before I wonder…..?

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Le Marche, Aix en Provence
Price: AUD$90.00
Size: 21 x 15cm
(Postage and handling included)

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