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Art Weekly No 134 – A Quiet Spot, Bologna

For Sale – 29th January 2014

As mentioned in my email, I had intended to try to ‘tone down’ my palette somewhat this year – but that certainly hasn’t happened here!  There is something about Italy that to me, turns on the reds, terracottas, and yellows, and Bologna is a definite example of that.  Everywhere in the city there are amazing rich coloured buildings;  in the wide avenues, and the tiny narrow laneways. Some are newly painted with well thought-out ‘accent’ colours, and others are peeling and crumbling layers of centuries of paint. The little Osteria in this painting was nestled into the deserted back streets and come lunchtime, I bet it would be packed with people.

Bologna is also a city of porticos – nearly 40 kilometres of them! I believe way back in 1288, Statutes established that all new houses should have a portico and it was required that these be big enough to allow the passage of a man riding his horse. This act left a wonderful imprint on the final appearance of the city which makes it so unique today.

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A Quiet Spot, Bologna
Price: AUD$ 90.00
Size: 15 x 21cm
(Postage and handling included)

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