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Art Weekly 171 – Fiskardo, Kefalonia

AW-171_Fiskardo-Kefalonia26th May 2016

It seems every time I send out an Art Weekly these days, I apologise for my tardiness! I’ve been working on larger canvasses recently, and the AWs seem to have taken a back seat. However, I’ve now decided to absorb some of my paintings from the #100 Painting Challenge which I’ve been taking part in, into the Art Weekly mailouts. They are smaller, hence the price reduction, and perhaps a little simplified, which I rather like. If you follow me on either Facebook or Instagram you may well have seem some of these!

This one is a small bay in Fiskardo, a lovely Venetian town in the north of Kefalonia. The water around the island is a brilliant turquoise, and I had fun capturing it, using acrylic inks for a change, in an endeavour to keep the freshness. It seems fitting to send this painting out today, as we’re heading to Kefalonia on Monday to meet up with my eldest son James, and his partner Danielle. We plan to spend a few days there, and on Zagkynthos, before coming back down to Koroni. Let’s hope our usual Greek summer kicks in soon!

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Fiskardo, Kefalonia
Price: AUD$ 75.00
Size: 17 x 13cm
(Postage and handling included)